The New Bois d’Arc Lake construction is well underway!!

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There are still many opportunities to invest in surrounding land and real estate to take advantage of the price appreciation and growth as the lake is completed. The zoning process concerning the investible land around the lake is just now beginning. So please see our Real Estate page to take full advantage of the knowledge that our local agents possess regarding lake development opportunities.

This will not be a Corp of Engineers lake so most likely lot owners will be able to build right up to the water. There are also many Attractions already in place in this historic rural area of Fannin County yet it’s just an hour away from Dallas. There are Bed and Breakfasts, a Winery(with a tasting room), Sam Rayburn Museum, Restaurants, and numerous specialty shops in the Bonham downtown square. There is already an existing Bonham Lake while much smaller than the new Bois’darc lake, you can leverage existing infrastructure to take advantage of the growth and recreation even as the new lake is still being constructed.

This will allow you to buy into the lake life BEFORE the pricing for land and related real estate jumps in anticipation of the recreational development following lake completion. Please see the NTMWD for a more in-depth vision of the development of the Lower Bois’darc Lake.

Contact David Ogletree for rental property, unimproved and improved property in and around the lake construction area of Fannin County.
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Bois d'Arc Lake construction underway, set to bring millions annually to Fannin County


01/29/18 The EPA has just signed off on the section 404 permit which was the last and most tedious hurdle in clear to get the new lake built. In the next step, the NTMWD will begin executing all the construction contracts and we should see dirt moving in the few coming months!!!Call me today at 469-878-9992 to invest in land that will be near the Lake.